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Battery disposal

The following notices are meant for the users of the batteries and who will not resell them in the delivered shape (end user):

We are obligated by battery law to inform you about the following, because batteries may be included in our shipments: batteries may not be disposed in household waste. Instead of that, you are obligated to return used batteries. Used batteries may contain harmful substances, which may lead to environmental damage or health issues, when not stored or disposed off properly. Batteries also contain important raw materials like iron, zinc, manganese or nickel that can be reused.

You can return the batteries after use in direct proximity (e.g. in stores or communal collection points) without additional costs. Points of sale are only obligated to take in normal quantities of batteries from end users and only those which they sell or have sold in the past.

Batteries are marked with a symbol with a crossed out dustbin. This symbol informs that batteries aren’t to be disposed in household waste. Batteries which contain more than 0.0005 percent by mass quicksilver, more than 0.002 percent by mass cadmium or more than 0.004 percent by mass lead, have another symbol that informs you about the used chemicals. „Cd“ stands for cadmium, „Pb“ stands for lead and „Hg“ stands for quicksilver.

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